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The Ayukshema is a platform for overall information, services, professionals and dissemination of Traditional Medicines of India and also the popular medicinal practices which are prevalent in India. Ayukshema provides an interfacing facility both for the professionals and the public, so that right advice will reach to the required needy people.

In near future, Ayukshema will come with Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda and other Indian systems Centres/ Hospitals in different parts of the country. It will involve in multifarious activities related to promotion of these systems, besides providing better health care facilities to the people through these traditional systems.

As a first step, we are facilitating the Institutes, Hospitals, and Professionals of Traditional Systems to create their profile, which will be available for public, for their use. We are sure that by this AYUKSHEMA will become a hub of information about different Colleges, Hospitals, Doctors, Paramedics and other services of Traditional Medicine and in turn, their services can be utilised by the public easily.

So, kindly spare sometime to create your profile to increase your services and to facilitate public to reach you. 

Also, we are facilitating the Institutes/ Hospitals to find a suitable staff for running their Organisations efficiently as well as provide an avenue for the job seekers of different categories.